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Sri R Venkataraman is known to have initiated many new activities; founded, mentored and encouraged many Institutions addressing a wide range of interests. He has been associated with many organizations, playing the role of its President, Secretary or Editor.  This page gives a sampling of his many contributions to the society:
Industrial Estate : During his tenure as Minister of Industries in Madras state from 1957 -67, he is credited to have initiated highly successful programs to encourage Small Scale Industries, catapulting Madras state to one among top ranked states. Two noteworthy ventures were
1.   Guindy Industrial Estate (first in ECAFE 'Economic Commission for Asia and Far East' now known as ESCAP 'Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific' region)
2.   Ambattur Industrial Estate
  RV was a strong believer in improving industrial skills and promoted a number of industrial training institutes when he held the portfolio of technical education in Madras State.
Township : He developed self contained townships in the neighbourhood of big cities, foreseeing the shortage of space and other infrastructure for industrial development in cities such as Madras and enticed entrepreneurs with many concessions. On the highway to Bangalore, came up a successful Industrial township at Ranipet, attracting investment from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
Urban Housing :He foresaw the need for large scale housing for the growing Madras city and newly laid out self contained Housing projects in the city. Successful models developed as
1.   Besant Nagar housing development (middle income group)
2.   Anna Nagar housing project (MIG, HIG)
3.   Foreshore Estate (LIG)
  were seen as worthy of emulation. Sastri Nagar and Indira Nagar colonies were also developed during his tenure when he held the portfolio of Housing.
Rural Initiative: Rural development and empowerment of villages through Khadi and Village Industries was the essence of Gandhism. Gandhigram Rural University is a venture "RV Anna" nurtured as what he termed as a Significant Experiment. Traditional handicrafts and arts were supported through institutions such as Granite sculpture School in Mamallapuram and bronze sculpting school in Swamimalai.
RV-association with Gandhigram
1.   Labour Law Journal Founded in 1949 by Sri R Venkataraman, providing an authoritative reference to all judicial decisions pertaining to Labour Law. The first of its kind in India, RV oversaw the edition of the journal for nearly three decades.
2.   Swarajya A journal founded by Rajaji and published by T Sadasivan. RV was the Editor of the journal during 1975 - 77. It played an important role during the period of Emergency, ensuring critical but balanced views of value to the Government and the People at large.
3.   Bhavan's Journal: In his post-presidential era Shri R Venkataraman was invited to be the President of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and he regularly wrote pieces on contemporary issues under "President Speaks:" and another on "M&M (on Men and Matters)". Several of these articles remain valuable regardless of the time when they were written.
Art and Culture: Cultural Diversity and Spiritual reservoir of the nation drew RV to mentor several Institutions.
1.   Uttara Swami Malai Mandir in New Delhi: The temple initiated by some Delhi residents, bloomed with RV taking over as the President of the Association. Under the benevolent guidance of Kanchi Mahaswamigal RV saw to the completion of a classical granite structure, the sculpting of a divinely inspiring idol of Lord Murugan, the Kumbabishekam of the temple and ensuring steady availability of funds for maintenance. The temple is a landmark in South Delhi and attracts a large and diverse number of devotees. RV evinced a keen interest in the Temple till his end.
2.   Kalakshetra: A unique Institution for Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Painting, Handicrafts etc.) founded by Smt Rukmani Devi Arundale in South Madras. As a member of the Trust RV provided counsel to her. After her demise and his own retirement from Presidentship, he took over as President of Kalakshetra. The institution was brought into the fold of Government of India as an institution of National Importance and a Deemed University. He ensured that Government funding did not change the unique character of the Institution and its traditions. He helped the Institution retain its sound foundations, while ushering in new features that become possible in the changed circumstances.
RV-association with Kalakshetra
3.   AIM (All India Movement) for SEVA: All India Movement (AIM) for Seva was started in 2000 by Swami Dayananda Saraswati, as an initiative of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, an apex body of Hindu religious heads of the various ''sampradayas'', traditions. Registered in New Delhi, AIM for Seva is an independent public charitable trust committed to reach out and care for people who need help. It is a movement of caring, caring for all, irrespective of religion, community and nationality. It started as a program for integrated community development, and soon gathered momentum to become a nationwide movement, touching the lives of over 10 Million rural and tribal people across 15 states of India. Shri R Venkataraman associated himself with its objectives and was one of the Counselors of the AIM. Most noticeable program of AIM for Seva is a network of Student Homes in the rural India.
Schools: RV was associated with many educational institutions.
1.   Madrasi Educational Association (MEA) School, (now known as Delhi Tamil Sangam School) In the fifties south Indians (largely Tamil speaking persons) joined to run a school for their children and invited the young MP from Madras to lead the association. This Madrasi School became the home to some of the best Teachers, who blossomed as torchbearers of pedagogy and evolved to become one among the most prestigious Schools in Delhi.
RV-as President of the School
2.   Sankara School, Adyar. RV was associated with the early development of School that was in the care of the devotees of Kanchi Mahaswamigal.
3.   Meenakshi College, Chennai. A college for women founded by Prof K R Sundararajan, that received care and counsel from Shri R Venkataraman is now an Autonomous Institution affiliated to the University of Madras.
4.   In his retirement years he was associated with the development of the Madras School of Economics and out of his own funds endowed an Annual Lecture to be delivered by an eminent economist.
RV Foundation: Post retirement, RV out of his own funds founded a small trust known as RV Foundation. He made the trust receive contributions from his immediate family members and held its objectives to provide scholarships to needy students and offer assistance to needy and worthy institutions working in education, health and social welfare.
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